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North Florida Abstract & Title, LLC - Security Policy

Information Technology (IT) and Data Security


North Florida Abstract & Title understands how important information technology and data security are to you and the quality of services we provide. Our systems are protected by industry-standard technologies and best practices to protect your data and our operations. 

North Florida Abstract & Title takes a multi-faceted approach to security. Our security layers include using securely configured routers and firewalls, private networks, centralized authentication, enforced password policies, regular security updates, and host-based virus protection. Periodic penetration tests, routine backups, and the selective use of trusted and verified cloud-based service providers supplement this security stance. 

Data – the organization's most critical asset – is centrally located on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. This device is configured with redundant hard drives, allowing one drive to fail without impacting the file server's operation or the data's integrity. The NAS is regularly updated to remain current with vendor-released updates, and all data is backed up regularly to a secondary device nightly—user-based permissions control access to restricted files. The NAS and other devices have redundant power and are configured to send security and other health alerts to key personnel. 

The result is an environment where your data and privacy are protected – further safeguarding your transaction and your trust in us. 

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Security Policy

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